Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My First English Post

Hmmm... I think I will not update this blog until this semester finish. It is true, the wise man said, you can do a lot of things when you are in busyness (noun for busy??) or under pressure. Actually, I am very ambitious to share my milestone in my life recently. Those are the controversial winning in SISWASAT (nano-satellite) competition, my experience undergo LASIK surgery, my new rank in military organization and many more.

UPNMSat-02@Siswasat Competition

Do you wonder why I am writing this post in English.. haha.. Pessimist Malay people always say " Buang Tabiatlah tu, brapa jumaat lah lagi tinggal (mati) ". This is the poor paradigm inside some of Malay people that block them to improve themselves. I wish my race will have the optimist mind and have the sense to make improvement. Malaysia Boleh!! Come back to the reason why do I write in English. It is because this is the assignment.. haha.. Serious??? Thanks to Dr. Jowaty who inspires me to write this post in English. This is the assignment you know!!! (Hoping for extra marks..hihihi) But, I always see this is the chance for me to improve my English writing. Because of the English proficiency is very crucial at this age especially to become a versatile military officer.

LASIK Procedure

Actually, Dr. Jowaty asked me to comment on what my vice chancellor spoke at monthly VC parade. But, it will be controversial if I comment personally on that 2-hour speech (what the cramp my leg!!) hihihi. Generally, a good speech should not take a long time. It is because the human acceptance for speech is only for 1 hour maximum for continuous speech. The speech can be long if the place is conducive (not standing in hot and humid condition and text reading speech..hihihi.. no offence!!). In addition, the prophet Muhammad suggests that the Jumaat sermon (Khutbah) must be in short time and the important thing is the messages must clearly receive by the people.

`Ammar bin Yasir (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: I heard Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying, "Prolonging Salat (prayer) and shortening the Khutbah (religious talk) indicate the religious knowledge of the person. Make your Salat long and your sermon short.''[Muslim].

The first controversial point. I don’t want to proceed. If you want to hear more about that, let's have personal chat. Peace No war.

My New Rank: Brigade Commander

Consequently, I want to share my personal progress in my English achievement. Once upon the time, I used to hate this subject. This is because my bad attitude. I hate to open the dictionary. You know the thousand-page Oxford English-Malay dictionary. That is the only one dictionary in my house at that time. What the tedious task to find the unknown words. It ended up with my poor command until now. I never score ‘A’ in English subject in the big examinations. UPSR(3A's 2B's) PMR (7A's 1B) SPM (8A's 1C). It really spoils my result slip. As the solution, I bought the BESTA electronic dictionary in 2005. I see the improvement since I buy that stuff. Sadly, I misplace that dictionary somewhere. huhu. So, everybody who reads this post and know where my lovely dictionary is. Please return back to me. I start hating this subject. hihih.. Just kidding.

Let's learn English

Because of this is the last semester I am here, I wish to master this language well. I wish to speak confidently and fluently. I also wish that I can write my first book in English. I still remember the button that states the motto of the English campaign at my MRSM once upon the time. It was compulsory to wear that button everyday. huhu. Know English. Know the world. Wish me luck. TQ.


MS Rizal said...

Bravo Akh Muadz, I also have a english blogs but I still put in private mode. Maybe after this, there are no private any more.

Ah, the speech of Datuk!? I also standing in front of Datuk, quite bore~because standing in no action-senang diri. But trust me, I pay attention about the contain of his speech. Yeh, about the Hadis. I also recited from my bukhari and moosleem references books.

CekMekNa said...

nice blog to read... =)

your situation just like me..intended to master this language..

Best of luck to u!


atiejay said...

Dear Muadz, well done. You do not really have that much problems. Only grammatical and structural errors.

Even though writing for a blog need not be too formal, we still need to make sure that at least the basic writing skills such as grammar etc are adhered to.

Where's the story on controversial winning?


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