Sunday, July 26, 2009


My Campus has closed due to the outbreak of virus Influenza A H1N1- Swine Flu. At first, I thought it was closed because of so many cases of fever caused by the haze. The unhealthy air at my campus is getting poor by the construction works that cause the dust spread out. I do realize of this condition when more than 100 of my friends reported sick at one particular day. What a serious number? I concluded that this fever cases are due to the haze because of our training includes more outdoor activities.

This was a first time the quarantine process I saw in my life. So many beds, masks, drugs, blankets, sodium clorides packs. I got a task to take care of the quarantine patients. Even though it was just one night of being ‘nurse’, I can imagine the field hospital during the war. But, at field hospital, there must be additional things, blood and scream. Are you ready for the war?

Get your ample rest my friends

I enjoyed 7 days of ‘surprised’ holiday. You know what? I was suspected of getting swine flu on my second day of my holiday. Jeng..jeng..jeng.. On that day, I felt unhealthy after woke up at that morning. I thought it was not serious. What made me panic was the news on Utusan Online that stated my campus was closed due to 60 students were positively infected of swine flu. Waaa… I was the man who looked after the quarantine patients and now, I have all the symptoms. Fever, cough, sore throat, flu…. OMG…I reported sick at Hospital Angkatan Tentera (HAT) Lumut. My temperature was 38.5 degree celcius. I requested for swine flu scan. The doctors just ordered me to do home isolation with the observation from healthy ministry staffs. I really hope that it was just obvious fever. The staffs provide me with medicine, masks, digital termometer and some pamphlets of swine flu. My family and I had ordered to take our temperature daily and reported to them. This is precoution action to avoid this pandemic respiratory desease spread out.

Doc Rijal with Patient Bema

Alhamdulillah. My fever only last for a day. I was not considered contagious anymore. ‘We can only appreciate healthy life when we are sick’ I really hate taking drug especially syrup for cough. So drowsy, uncomfortable… yekkk…

Holiday, As usual, eat.. eat… eat.. I am afraid that I will shift up to the next cateogery in boxing. Useless… my weights decrement process for a month...hihihi… For me, just enjoy your phase of training. Training is training. Holiday is holiday… Take care…

Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili

“Still Coughing”

32040 Seri Manjung

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It is a military training period right now until my passing out parade day on January 2010. Busy+tired+tanned+enjoyable. I share some of the pics just to update my blog...

Burning mid-night oil with cooking... Haha... Prepare fried 'beehoon' for 400 person at 3 a.m... Yummy-sleepy beehoon...

Train hard... Sleep hard... Normal scene during class 'take five'. "Good soldiers sleep well whenever there is no work" .. Hahaha... Who quoted this???

I finally compile my thesis... 5 years 'product'. I hope I can further my study one day.

New age... New challenge... My wishes
1. Commission as an islamic officer
2. Be more economic in spending
3. Joining special force
4. Kawen awal...

Hope enjoy those pics... Take care... ta~

Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili
"New age soldier"
57000 Kuala Lumpur


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