Friday, June 5, 2009

Holiday Again

3 times each day after meal ya... Okey Ma'am!!!

I got stomachache for 2 days. Just relief. Alhamdulillah. How a big giving from Allah! Health is wealth, vitagen said. I think my stomachache is caused by my bad habit. Too much of eating. Laksa, cendol bla..bla.. A warning for me... Watch out!!!

4 plates of Laksa, 2 bowls of cendols at Kuala Kangsar... Ish..Ish..

2 days of fitness training stopped. So, I 'repay' the depth last evening. 6 km of jogging within 30 minutes. Okeylah. At least I maintain my stamina during my holiday.

6km is enough... Pewai2

My mum bought 28kg of fresh chicken this morning. It is for 'kenduri' at rumah Opah tomorrow. My mum got a task to cook 'ayam masak merah'. I do wash ayam this morning. hahaha.. Anak teruna buat kerja dapur. hihih... No wonder lah... Soldier has trained me to do everything, wash chickens, fish, cut veggie bla...bla.. bla... I remembered that ‘fatik’ at cook house was a great opportunity actually. No sun bathing and our stomachs are always full. Thank you to staff mess.. Kind of you..

Overposed or Overworked???

Okeylah, we will have free lunch today. Just in front of our house... Walimatus urus... Semoga berbahagia ya... Still waiting my turn.. hihih..

Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili
32040 Seri Manjung


Anonymous said...

ko mkn byk2..takpe2... ko rest la puas2 kt umah tu.. ko balik kem siap la..kte sama2 buat komando rest plak...hahahaha

Ahmad Muadz said...

Baik tuan!!! hihihih


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