Saturday, November 28, 2009

Convo... AidilAdha...

Alhamdullillah, finally, i've managed to publish a post here after a long time. Waaa... certainly, there is a lot of story to share with and of course I'll not tell everything... hahaha... Or it will be a novel then.

Well, here are some pics that will tell a lot. Hurmm... Last week, it was my convocation day. It was a great day. The D-Day held at UTM Skudai. Confusing??? Actually, my degree is awarded by UTM instead of UPNM. Why??? It is because before the establishment of UPNM in 2006, I enrolled in ATMA/UTM programme. It is the collaboration program between Ministry of defense and higher education institution. As a result, the academic class is under UTM (most of the exam paper is from UTM) and all military activities are under military department. Congratulations to all my friend especially to my course mates (Computer Engineering Class 2004). More than 5 years we are being together, thanks for everything buddies!!!


Yesterday, I participated in 'Majlis Qurban' (Slaughter Caremony to show our sacrifice). Sure, It is a meaningful and significant event for Muslim. I love to read this article for this Raya. Well, here is a pic I helped my family 'melapah lembu'. What is so special in Hari Raya Qurban this year??? It is my first celebration with my family after 5 years I celebrated at my camp. Whatever it is.... Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all.

Work or Gaya~

Next, it will be my commissioning day on 9th Jan 2010. Of Course, marching training is fully-pack after this break. Standby for a darker skin even though it is already dark... hahaha.. Wish me the best and pray for a better Askar-Melayu officer born after this. Really hope so... Allahu Akbar walillahilham....

Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili
"NAk Balik Kem Da~"
32040 Seri Manjung


yazid said...

tahniah muadz, a very long time not see u!! and hepi aidiladha

Ahmad Muadz said...

terima kasih yazid... weh.. kamu da kawen ke dgn alirah tu?

fiQ said...

Orang dah raya Aidilfitri la =)
Busynya sampai xhapdet2...


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