Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Overnite

I got overnight stay out... What the relief! My overnight started at 1000H Saturday until 2200H Sunday. I hesitated to go out at the beginning because of a lot of task to be done and it was just 36 hours outing. I didn't plan to go out. Hence, I didn't have any place to sleep on the Saturday night.

A piece of my past leave... Finally..

As the result, I asked my KL’s friend about that. You know what? He recommended me to join one special and bless program. Haha... It was MABIT@Qiamullail... MABIT stands for Malam Amal Bina Iman Taqwa. That program was organized and attended by students those came from universities in Malaysia. I met new friends. What I can describe was it was really wonderful knowledged-event. It was not just spiritual occasion, but the combining of IQ, EQ and SQ. Free of charge man! I will miss all those memories together.


Besides that, I did shopping. haha.. Long time maa I was not "jalan-jalan cari pasal" at KL. Consequently, I bought my new accessories to play football. The fact is my course (4SZC), is already qualify to cup competition after the league round. Cup competition is for the best 4 teams out of 7 teams competed. The other teams play for plate competition. You know what? I used to score a winning goal when my course versus aeronautical course. Haha. Good started after a long break from LASIK surgery.

Preparation to win..hahahah

Hurmm... Tomorrow will be my loving prophet's birthday. I remembered one points in a talk given by one PhD student at my MABIT yesterday. If we love someone, we will voluntarily to have joy and pain moments with that person. We will memorize his/her love letter; try to act like him/her as to make a situation of "sehati sejiwa". You know better lah. hahaha. My point is, as we just say literally that we love our prophet. Then, should be, we must interpret it by our actions. This point was rising up when he asked who was here that memorize the second hadith (about Islam, Iman and Ehsan) in "Hadith 40" book. Ashamed on me! I must do something in order to prove my love to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. . I really need internal strength. InsyaAllah. Do you know that one verse of Quran states?

Lo! Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation [33:56]

Allahummasolli'ala Muhammad Wa'ala alihi wosohbihi wabarik wasallim. At least we have present for him today…

Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili
57000 Kuala Lumpur

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