Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary 2004!!!

2nd April 2009... I am 3010259 Brigade Commander Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili. 8 months before commissioning day (19 Dec 2009.. InsyaAllah)... Today is a special day... What so Special? Last 5 years, I was a new cadet in (Akademi Tentera Malaysia) ATMA (Upgraded to UPNM in 2006). It is already 5 years my fellow engineering cadets!!! The 5 years of sweet and tear memories we have shared. Ummmp!

Offer Letter

I registered on 2nd April 2004 after I have finished my matriculation study at Londang, Malacca. I scored 3.79 in physical science and I managed to get my sixth option in university application (Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering at UTM Skudai). I knew that even I scored 4 flat in matriculation, there was no guarantee that I will enroll to university with my desired course. What a heavy competition! I chose ATMA instead of UTM Skudai because of ATMA also offered degree program collaboration with UTM. The special with ATMA is it offers 'free' degree and fortunately ATMA pays you for studying here. Alhamdulillah, I knew how hard to study without stable financial support and dependant to parents as to bank in cash monthly. Now, it is free and no PTPTN at all, but I must 'pay' it with being a soldier. It’s Okay. Experience is a good teacher in our life.

Skema Ayam... Hahah

My foundation year was a tough year. So many baris(parade), fatik (cooperation work?), Taji@comisyen(extra PT) and many more. I knew some actions taken by my seniors were illegal in armed forces (i.e. man handling), but then, just close the case for the sake of senior is always right. hahah. (tak askar lah kalau tak boleh kena physical contact) Actually, I know, soldier is about you learn something through hardship. Alhamdulillah, I survived my foundation year with CGPA 3.92. I repeated my matriculation syllabus, which was why I managed to score.

Kinabalu Expedition

After my first single service training (SST), I enrolled in 1st year Degree in Electrical (Computer) engineering. What so special in this year? We had our 1st junior. No heavy fatik yet. I was very awkward at first when my junior greet me with 'TUAN'(Sir). Moreover, I used to be a platoon commander during my SST. It was a great experience. Side roll, star jump, forward roll until 'muntah hijau'(vommit), learn how to use weapon, styer, minimi, mortar 60mm, GPMG and many more. I know, I will not have this experience if I study at other Institution. We will appreciate our life after going many difficulties 'Bukan senang nak senang Bukan susah nak susah'

Mess Night Committee

In ATMA, I can classify stage of cadet according to their year. Foundation year=Bloody Junior, First Year = Junior, second year = Intermediate, Third year = Senior and Forth year = Super senior. When I was at intermediate stage, life was 'heaven' (pleasurable). I had 2 layers of juniors and two bars at my epaulet. I was given the confidence to be a President of Mess Committee (PMC) Red Task Force (Formerly known as Alpha Company) of my intake. I learned many things. Working under pressure is normal in military life. Military personnel should accept that way. This year, I ran another SST; I had the chance to throw the grenade, shooting using heavy weapon at Asahan, Malacca. What I can tell you, it built up my confidence level. What an adventurous experience!

Happy after being 'taji'... Time kerja...kerja lah..

3rd year in Computer Engineering course, I enrolled this year with a great achievement. Alhamdulillah, I successfully scored 4 flat for my GPA in 4th semester. What a miracle! I would like to thank my lecturers and friends for this achievement. Consequently, I was appointed as overall senior under officer (chief Of (CO) cadet). It was a responsibility. I didn't expect that I will get that rank. Getting rank is about you sacrifice your time to learn in pressure situation. However, it was a valuable experience. At the end of this year, I had my practical training. This 2 months period was a 'civilian' period. My friend and I rent apartment at Shah Alam. I practiced at company that provided the GPS for patrol car at Selangor. I ate more without exercise; therefore, I managed to increase 14 kg in my weight. MasyaAllah. Practical= obesity. hahah...

Rank Given Parade

In 2008, I was already 4 years here. At the end of this year, my management and science skot (intake) will be commissioned. They run just a 4-year program. As an engineering student, we have extra 2 semesters@1 year. Padan muka. In 7th semester, I finally failed to maintain my 1st class degree after 7 semesters did that. So sad! However, it just a pattern of my life. Life is so colorful. Alhamdulillah. At least, we learn from our lesson.

My Final Rank Before Commission... Its Just temporary. The important thing is its process

And today, I would like to congratulate my friends who are constant in this field. Believe that, the stories among us will be remembered for the rest of our life. Happy 5th anniversary intake 2004! All the best to engineering cadets who will face the final exam and final year project presentation soon. We have faced 10th semester here. Don’t add any. hahah. Prepare for the worst! More you sweat in peace, less you bleed in the battle field! ATMA-UPNM is the best!

Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili
57000 Kuala Lumpur


atiejay said...

Dear Muaz, indeed a colourful life at this establishment. It is sad that you failed to maintain first class degree, but hey! at least you survived many obstacles in comparison to others...Life is too short, enjoy it to the fullest. I am glad that you keep it the writing in English. Well done!

Ahmad Muadz said...

I already accepted that sad story. Allah knows the best for HIS servant. TQ Dr for your inspiration.

Afham said...

i like the on ur rank muadz..

aMyErInAiMiE said...

oh...satu batch ngn Arm ke..hmm..

anyway..hi!link me k?:D


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