Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last Sunday I got outing. You know what. This is my first time outing ever after my VC transition. First time get out and get in with UPNM's bus. It’s a crowd cadet with just two buses. Thank GOD. UPNM's cadets were really patient with this facilities’ shortage. Working under constraint is much appreciates able gentlemen.

As far as I’m concern, the hot spot for cadet for outing is not far apart from KL. The places where are easy for public transportation (LRT,Putraline, Commuter etc..etc..) like The Mines, Mid Valley, Sogo, Masjid Jamek and so on. Because of it is just 8 hours outing, I decided to go to Masjid Jamek area. I planned to buy my new leather and sport shoes. It is already old the current one. Moreover, because of this is the first outing after my salary bank in, I decided to call my sister because she want to lend me money. "I want to buy my new external hard disk" She said to me. Okeh.. No problem.. Cadet is a rich student. hahah.. “There is no such university in this world that give their student RM1500 each month with free accommodation, issued uniform, receive bonus annually, receive cola (cost of living allowance), free study fees. But then, you are not so thankful" Said my officer one day. Something to ponder my friend.

As I called my sister, she said she was at KLCC. Hurmm.. No need lah to bank in that cash. I asked her to meet me at Masjid Jamek. Finally, I met her at Pustaka Indonesia. After a short discussion, she decided to follow me buying my new shoes. "Okeh, lets go to Bata, then we go to Sogo, there is Sale there" I use my autocratic order. Hahah.. Abg Askar.

At Bata outlet, I took 10 minutes to survey those shoes. So many people, the promoters had not enough hand to serve the customer. I tried one sport shoe, looked interesting. I asked size 7 for my foot. During my waiting, I saw one girl persuaded her father to buy one fashionable high heel. Waa.. Short girl with High taste. hihih... KL girl I thought. She cried and screamed as to win her parents heart. Waa... I remembered when I was a boy, I did the same thing. So childish... And I didn’t know how embarrassed my parents were at that time. You know what, I thought my parents were so cruel.. No mercy.. At that time lah...

New age, new approach of children education!!! Cute but high taste..hahah

Now, I realized, it must be the reasons behind. They know how to teach their children about waste, about to consume moderately, about pampering children. I was so immature son. Always judge something using my childish view. And now, I gradually learn how to be a good parent. We will know how hard the parents sacrifices when we have our own children. I pray to Allah for my parents peaceful and prosperous. May I will be a good father too. InshaAllah.


At last, I didn’t buy any shoe there. No size. I went directly to Sogo. There was a Sale. So crowd!!! I decided to finish our window shopping at Secret Recipe. “Next time lah”. Mission Failed. I knew, Secret recipe was definitely destination for our outing. My sister love to eat there. Outing is equal to a lot of eating. Just to redeem my failure mission may be. And then, tension is also equal to a lot of eating. Lastly, I got new equation. You know what. Outing is equal to tension. Haha. No comment.


Oklah. Just want to share those things. I’m so busy with my documentation of my final year project right now. Wish my project succeed. I want to be commissioned this year. Want to be a good officer and a good father too. Watch out!!!

Ahmad Muadz Ahmad Shuhaili

57000 Kuala Lumpur


atiejay said...

Muaz, the term is "It is crowded"... not "..crowd..". Well, I like this post because you talked about outing = tension, why is that? I thought outing = dating? Hehehehhe..well, I am sure that you will be a good soldier, student and father.

Ahmad Muadz said...

TQ for the correction. It is adjective right? Hurmm... I said that because of the rule in math. If A=B, meanwhile C=B, therefore, we can say that A is equal to C too.

Refer to the post:
Therefore, Outing=Tension. Hypothesis that surely should be experimented. hahah.

TQ very much Dr. I try to be the best... God will... :-)

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